I am Aya from Egypt. I feel I have a lot to say about Lithuania and this amazing volunteering

experience in Telsiai. Maybe I can start by the weather, how it is completely different and totally new

experience for me but this cannot be compared to the beautiful and amazing nature I found here from

Forests to lakes.

Let me tell you first a little bit about myself. I am 27 years old who studied English literature and

simultaneous interpretation in Egypt and directly before I come here I finished my professional

diploma in simultaneous interpretation.

Back to my volunteering experience, I have been six months here in Telsiai Youth center having fun

with youngster trying to spend good time together and at the same time introduce to them a little bit

about Egyptian culture and Traditions.

Time passed fast but I am happy that I have witnessed many special days here like candles for

Ukrainians, Christmas and even the special Sauna tradition in Lithuania. I believe that the next months

will teach me a lot and will let me discover many skills about myself.

I am very excited for the next days.

I love Lithuania, I love Telsiai.