Hi  everyone! This is Elif. I’m from Turkey. I have just graduated from university, I studied psychological counseling. At the same time, I was working as a volunteer  as well. I had a lot of projects in my home country. I like being at the field. I want to be productive for humanity. I was always thinking about volunteering in abroad. I was like, “I already have some experiences at the field in Turkey, why not try a new experience?” (also I was totally free with my life. No job, no school, I was looking for something new.) Then I started to applying for EVS  projects in Baltic Countries. Bc I was so curious about baltic culture, I wanted to see it closer.

Now I’m doing my voluntary work in the ATJC, as a mobile worker. We have 9 villages around Telsiai, we visit the young people who lives in those villages, every other day. Why young people? I feel like I can easyly get connected with young people. And I love that young blood, it makes me feel alive. By the way, my coworkers and youngsters in the youth center are so nice and friendly. I feel like I already have friendships last forever. I have met with new friends in the town, and there are other volunteers in other cities as well. So it’s a social area for me. Usually on weekends I go to other cities and spend time with my friends. Week days mostly calm for me. Otherwise, I try to go other countries on my free days. I am kind of a beginner traveler now on.

I’m so glad I’m in Lithuania, especially in this calm and peaceful town Telsiai. It feels like I live in a Hobbit Village written by Tolkien. It has a perfect nature uh it is beautiful! And people are so nice here. Me and my flatmate Nika are the only foreign ones in this town, so even the shop workers treat us special. I feel like the sunshine of the town (yet, they do not have any other sunshine lol) There isn’t a lot of options for fun in this city actually. Outside is cold, and places get close early. So you have to spend time with yourself/friends at home. But it’s not bad, when you get used to, it feels warm.

Speaking of which, everyone says that, this is the hottest winter in this country. However it’s still too cold for me. I’m not used to cold weather at all, because I’m from Izmir, which is one of the hottest cities in Turkey. But I’m doing well so far. I believe I can survive this winter. The weather also an adventure for me. I’ll tell about this to my grandkids.

English language is not very common in this country. People speak Lithuanian and Russian, but no English. So I have to learn Lithuanian language, trying my best. I already know some impressive words, when I say those words, people love it!

Meeting with new culture, new people, new minds is a special experience. I am so greatful for this. And I am pretty sure of that, this is the best year of my whole life.