Labas Everybody,

 My name is Hatice Sarı. I’m 23 years old and I’m from Turkey. In 2017, I finished bachelor’s degree  then started the work an export-import company. Suddenly, I decided to do the European Voluntary Service. And I came in Lithuania for long term, from October 2018 until September 2019. I’m working Atviras Jaunimo Centras as a Mobile Youth Worker in different 9 villages around the town Telsiai.

 Firstly, I’m so happy for choosing Lithuania. This country has a great nature, kind people, delicious food especially chocolate J When I came here on October, ıt was so diffucult to adapt for me. However, I have a friendly flat mate from Georgia. She helped me about everything so I’m feeling lucky. After I learned some basic things, I realized everybody speak Lithuanian. I didn’t find a person who speak English. I said to myself, you have to learn this language. After 3 months, I can speak a little bit Lithuanian, like a child. In my opinion, this language is so hard!

 Actually I live a small town in the western part of the Turkey. My town has usually hot weather. I came here and the weather: OMG! It was pretty cold for me. Everyday I say: please sunshine. Actually, winter time Telsiai has an amazing nature. Forest, lake and everywhere is white. It looks like a wonderland. But cold L  I’m feeling so lucky because during my volunteering times I’ll see all season in here. To be honest I am looking forward to see Lithuanian spring.

 Almost one month after I came here, I had my on-arrival training at Trakai. I met lots of volunteers with different back ground, nationalities and countries. I participiated in a efficient in Trakai. And I was informed about other cities, had volunteer friends in different cities to host me. Even, I visited to Vilnius, Kaunas, Klapedia, Trakai since October. Now, we are on January and I have too much time for other things. I’ll go mid-term training and waiting impatiently.

 I gained lots of new experiences. For example, I celebrated Christmas for the first time, I had my first tattoo in my life. For the first time, I walked on the frozen lake and I will enter my new age in a new country.  This time is a challenge for me because without family and friends, I’m living completely different culture. EVS is the best experince in my life. I really enjoy my job, especially youngsters from villages. Sometimes they try to teach me Lithuanian. Sometimes I try to teach them Turkish and English. We teach each other good and useful things with young people.

I think following months will be filled with new excitements, experiences, adventures and activities. After all these, when my project is over, I will rewrite this text. Thanks for everything.

P.S. Man šalta bet Aš myliu Telsiai.

       Hatice J