Hello, I'm Fürkan, but you can call me Fürk. I'm from Türkiye. If you ask me how I decided to become a volunteer, I'm looking for answers to questions like these in my mind: 'How do other young people in the world live? What do they need? What problems do they face, different from the ones I've encountered? How can I help them?' I love reading and researching about global issues like climate change, accessibility to clean water, endangered species, and similar political matters concerning the world. I try to do everything I can individually to tackle these issues. My motto is 'If you want to change the world, change yourself first,' I can say. Additionally, I have a passion for history, archaeology, geography, maps, and poetry. I love camping in nature and festivals. I try to attend a music festival at least once a year, and I'm a big fan of metal and rap. I try to visit museums in every country I go to because I believe that a country's culture can be best understood through its museums and streets.