Labas, Its Zaki.

I am traveler who is trying to show what my eyes are seeing and let’s start part of my story:

I grew up in the oldest country in the world - Egypt which studied Civil Engineering and worked for some time there.

I was participating with (UNHCR) United Nations for supporting Refugees and Ter des homme and I have got a lot of experience with working with all nationalities. Then moved to live and work in Dubai for abourt5 years in worldwide projects.

I enjoy life, I'm very curious about it, want to do everything and would like to see and meet as many places and people as possible. I love to travel! I love to be spontaneous and when something unexpected happens. I love to talk, listen and to discuss.  I love doing everything I have not done yet. I am passionately curious; I like finding new things to learn and challenges to work toward in my life that’s why it leaded to me here in Lithuania with European solidarity corps program.

Some simple achievements:

I was chosen as the best team leader in FIFA world cup in Qatar.

I was Civil Engineer at Expo Dubai 2020 and was chosen to be of the organizer at this Event.

I was chosen as Expo ambassador in Expo2020 in Dubai.

I was chosen one of top 10 youth influencers in UAE by 999 magazines.

And still the story continues…..