Starting is always little bit difficult…  Lots of thoughts are changing each other… Going forward and backward…  Also I’m better in speaking than writing, but this time I’ll try to express my feeling and emotions about Lithuania(Lietuva) and EVS   during these (almost) two months in Telšiai.

I’m Nana Khunchukashvili, 29 years old from the country Sakartvelo (საქართველო), volunteering in Telšiai Youth Center. Arrived  in September and gonna stay here 10 more months. First time was quite strange for me. Living alone in new unusual situation – people - I didn’t know, language – I didn’t understand. But That's why EVS is the way interesting and attractive – it gives you opportunity to try new life and experience yourself, find out more about ongoing things from the other side as well.

People all the time ask me why I decided to participate EVS, so here’s my answer – ‘’If we are not a little bit uncomfortable every day, we aren’t growing. All the good stuff is outside our comfort zone’’(J. Canfield).

During these two months I meet lot of youngsters and below I’ll answer more popular questions such as why Lithuania, what I think about local people, language and how much I like Telšiai, if I’m bored here. Ok, here we go…

  • why Lithuania – why any other countries and not Lithuania? I think this country is exactly right for me and from the very first minute in Vilnius and Telšiai I realised it’s one of the correct decisions I’ve made before.
  • People – In my opinion people are not cold, just they need time to impress their feelings. Somehow they remind my people, so friendly, hospitable and  helpful – always ready to support, sometimes communication is possible even without a common language. It’s  proofed even with that sudden exciting surprise – symbolic huge apple gift (I’d never forget).

I just wish the youngsters express their readiness of interactive conversation in English to improve speaking skills.

  • I especially want to point out about my colleagues – extremely friendly and positive people. Working with them is a holiday for me!
  • – when I arrived here, I didn’t know Lithuanian at all, but youngsters and friends always help me to study language, also I used my available free time and now I can identify the contents of the ongoing conversation. My vocabulary is pretty ok for this time and it’s a huge motivation for me when I’m able to understand the questions and answer them without translation ☺
  • What about Telšiai? – in these two months I visited Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai, Palanga, but hundred percent  sure Telšiai is the best. Four days attending on-arrival training in Trakai I realised how much I missed this city and was so happy when I got back. The landscape and the lake is perfect to take a short walk and relax. My hobby is photography, so I joined Telšē šindėin (foto klubs) and enjoy life here, never bored. I’ve got amazing friends here and sometimes it’s just enough to watch movies and have time with them and I feel happy.

P.S modification of the famous quote: ‘’East or west (home) Telšiai is the best’’.

P.S  P.S And of course BC Žalgiris is the best team ever!