Labas! I am Nika Javakhishvili and I`m 22 years old, from Sakartvelo (Georgia). I graduated in Tbilisi state university faculty of tourism. I am refugee in my country after 2008 years because this year was war between Russia  and Georgia, and now that territory is occupated by Russia. I am also the beginner guide in my country but I couldn’t find job because my English wasn`t very good. My sister found this project and suggested me to join it. It was my first trip in my life so I was a little bit afraid. Alexs Metreveli is person who helped me that everything would be fine and finally I am a volunteer in Telsiai city of Lithuania. I work with youngsters in the Youth Center. I came here 1 st of September and I will go back home on August.

When I came here it was very unbelievable because it was my first visit visited country. My family isn’t rich and I couldn’t travel to Europe. At the time when I started my studies in the university, I started to work. I was working in restaurant and studying at the university together. It was very hard for me, because I had no time to study English so I couldn`t join any projects. After some time I am finally here and I am very happy. At first when I came here volunteer Rasa helped me to adapt. I`ve already met some great and friendly people. Few youngsters said me that Telsiai and one Georgian town Mestia are friends so I met four persons from Mestia here once. Also l have a roommate from Turkey who is very nice person, we help each other all the times. By the way, my mentor Ele helps me a lot. She is the English teacher and I had 10 English classes with her. I`ve already spent five month here and this period brought me some experience:

  1. My English now is better than before but I will try to learn it even better.
  2. I had a training where I met another volunteers from Georgia but different cities.
  3. I flew by plane.
  4. I met here very nice people as youngsters and employees. I became friends with some of youngsters. They always help me if I need something and teach me Lithuanian language.
  5. I learned to play a guitar.
  6. Traveling, this was the biggest dream for me and nowI can visit different cities and countries.

When I go back to Georgia I will share my experience with my friends and I will go also to school which I finished because there also are youngsters who have dreams but have no money. I will tell them about this project, I will teach them how they can use similar projects. In my opinion this project is the best way how you are able to learn English, meet new and different people and gain some knowledge. This project inspires me to help others with their future. I hope that after 7 months my English will be suitable for working as a guide. I want to say the biggest thanks for EVS, thank you for this center, thank you for everything, for the chance to visit Lithuania, to meet great people. I suggest everyone to use same projects because it will help you to become what you want. I am very happy .