Hello, everyone. I am Oguzhan from Turkey. I have done a lot of volunteering projects in my own country before, and I thought it was time to do it abroad. If I ask why the volunteering project is important, it makes me very happy to see the happiness on their faces and share this happiness with others after helping people. It's only been 3 months since I came to Lithuania and I feel lucky to be in this country of perfect nature. As everyone knows, we're having different days because of the corona. After coming here, I was in quarantine for 2 weeks and then we started our project. Our first 2 weeks were very fun because of the activities outside and that's how I got to know Telsiai better. Then, instead of spending a lot of face to face time with young people due to the new rules, we did online activities. I am going to celebrate my first Christmas soon. Good experiences await me. I think the days to come will be better. Especially beating Saulena on football table  is an excellent feeling.

Oğuzhan Kaçar